Conductor:¬† Through which current can flow easily i.e. with least resistance is called the conductor. The conductor is of three Types: A) Good Conductor B) Semi-Conductor C) Bad Conductor A) Good Conductor: Under normal room temperature, through which current can flow easily i.e. the number of free electrons¬†is maximum, called Good Conductor. It gets hot quickly causing less durable. Example of Good Conductor: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Aluminium etc. B) Semi-Conductor: This material falls in between Good and Bad conductor. Not as good as Good Conductor and not as bad as Bad Conductor. The number of free electrons is minimal in this material. It’sRead More →

MOBILE PHONE ETC. SHORT FORM AD-converter Analogue-to-digitalconverter ACI AccessoryControlInterface ADC Analogue-to-digitalconverter ADSP : ApplicationDPS(expectedtorunhighleveltasks) AGC : Automatic: gain control(maintainsvolume) ALS : Ambient light sensor AMSL : After Market Service Leader ARM : Advanced RISC Machines ARPU : Averagerevenueperuser(permonthorperyear) ASIC : ApplicationSpecificIntegratedCircuit ASIP : ApplicationSpecificInterfaceProtector B2B : Boardtoboard,connectorbetweenPWB andUIboard BA : BoardAssembly BB : Baseband BC02 : BluetoothmodulemadebyCSR BIQUAD : Bi-quadratic(typeoffilterfunction) BSI : BatterySizeIndicator BT : Bluetooth CBus : MCUcontrolledserialbusconnectedtoUPP_WD2,UEMEandZocus CCP : CompactCameraPort CDMA : Codedivisionmultipleaccess CDSP : CellularDSP(expectedtorunatlowlevels) CLDC : Connectedlimiteddeviceconfiguration CMOS : Complimentarymetal-oxidesemiconductorcircuit(lowpowerconsumption) COF : ChiponFoil COG : ChiponGlass CPU : CentralProcessingUnit CSD : Circuit-switcheddata CSR : Cambridgesiliconradio CSTN : ColourSuperTwistedNematic D/A-: converter Digital-to-analogueconverterRead More →