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POPIO Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible for Samsung Galaxy F41 ; M31 ; M21 with Full Screen Coverage (except edges) and Easy Installation kit

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Product Description


POPIO superior tempered glass is made from Japanese Asahi Glass and comes with a smudge proof coating and Round Edge because of all this you will get a crystal clear view of your screen without the hassle of bubbles or dust getting in the way.
The POPIO Premium Tempered processed shield provides extensive protection from outside damages and scratches including sharp objects like knives and keys. And its laser cut for a perfect fit.
Oleo phobic coating and the 9H hardness (high-grade glass) together prevent Most scratches, smudges and fingerprints and This Makes a Best Tempered Glass for Your Smart Phone.

Samsung M31 Tempered GlassSamsung M31 Tempered Glass

Samsung Galaxy M31Samsung Galaxy M31

Pack includes:

One Tempered Glass Screen protectors

One Clean Microfiber Wet Wipes

One Clean Microfiber Dry Wipes

Three Guide Stickers and One Dust Absorber

installation Guide

Retail Packing

POPIO Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy M31

(Transparent, Pack of 1)

Are you looking to protect your expensive Smart Phone’s Display screen??

If yes then you are at right page, because we offer a low cost insurance policy in the form of smooth Premium Tempered Glass which is better than any screen guard you had ever you used in the past.

Full Screen Coverage (except edges)

Protection with 9h hardness

Zero bubble installation

Comes with 2.5D round edges

Key Features





Bubble Free

Bubble Free




Nano Primer coating provides excellent adhesive strengthening, surface hardness and chemical resistance to scratches and corrosion


Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience


Made with nippa japanses glue, the tempered glass make sure a clean and no bubble installation at your smart phone

Round Edges

Tempered glass provides 2.5d round edges around all the edges that attach perfectly with the natural curve of your phone’s display


Why POPIO Glass?

If unfortunately, your phone drops and seem like you lost screen of your phone, which is so costly to repair and then you suddenly notice nothing happened to your screen, as all impact was taken by your POPIO tempered glass which sacrificed itself in protecting your phone screen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. The flexibility of the Glass Screen Protector is just the same as the plastic material,Is it made of tempered glass or plastic?

This screen protector is a real tempered glass.The plastic like flexibility is the exact reason why we call it tempered glass screen protector.Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass.

2. Does it come with a cleaning wipe to use prior to placing on the phone?

Yes,the package includes: 3 x Guide Stickers, 1 x Wet Wipe & 1 x Dry Wipe, 1 x Dust Absorber

3. Does the screen protector cover the whole screen? Why is it smaller than my Phone’s screen?

Due to the rounded edge of the Phone and to enhance compatibility with most cases, the tempered glass does not cover the entire screen. It is effective for preventing bubbling and peeling at the edges.

If you prefer a screen protector that covers the whole screen, we highly recommended our Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

4. How can I remove bubbles?

Before placing the screen protector,please first clean the screen by using kits in the package.If there are bubbles, please try to press the bubble by using your finger with a little force,and try to use a ruler or a credit card to help you with the problem,but a thin cloth pad is needed on the surface of the screen to avoid scratches the protector.

5. Is it compatible with other cases?

Yes. It is Case Friendly design. It works with most cases. There is a small gap from the edge of screen protector to Phones edge to ensure it is compatible with most case.

6. Does this Glass Compatible with Samsung Galaxy M30 / Xiaomi Redmi 7 / Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 / Redmi Note 7 Pro / Xiaomi Redmi Y3 ?

Yes, this is perfectly compatible with all this Phones. Please don’t worry about compatibility issue as this glass is perfectly compatible with all this phones.

Hardness: High hardness level provides protection from accidental drop & scratches
Easy Installation: Contains 1 Tempered glass ,1 Wet wipe, 1 Dry wipe, 3 Guide Sticker & 1 Dust Absorber
Additional features: Bubble proof, Scratch resistant, Anti fingerprint, Anti-glare, Anti-shatter, Touch sensitive


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